Backpack Picnic

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Grab your backpack, throw in a picnic full of local flavours, and hit the trails!

Individual Quiche Lorraine

Generously filled quiche lorraine with homemade pastry and ham straight from the deli counter.

Traditional Pork Sausage Roll

Homemade pork sausage rolls, made with 100% free range meat sourced direct from our local farm; freshly made everyday.

Two Farmers Crisps - 40g

Local Crisps. Zero Plastic. 100% Compostable. Taste Great!

Apple and Blackcurrant Flapjack

Extremely fruity apple & blackcurrant filling sandwiched between deliciously malty oat flapjack is a total crowd pleaser.

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Hullabaloos Elderflower Presse

A sweet tasting, refreshing drink with the delicate taste of natural extract of elderflower infused with fresh lemon juice.


This backpack picnic is the ultimate grab-and-go lunch, letting you refuel without slowing down your adventure.

This picnic contains:

A freshly baked homemade quiche and sausage roll made from locally sourced ingredients, Two Farmers’ Crisps in 100% compostable packaging, an apple and blackcurrant filled flapjack, and a refreshing elderflower pressé from Hullabaloos. This drink comes as optional, giving you the option to bring your own drink to add to your picnic if you would prefer.

We also offer a vegetarian option with the same tasty treats, but with a couple alternatives. Click here to find out more.