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Update from Monday

Mar 13, 2018 | Blog

It has been a while since we updated the site, mainly because we have been very busy meeting and talking to many suppliers, and also lots of you, as we design and build the shop itself and select products to sell.

This has been fun and exciting, with a great deal of building work happening in the shop, while also passing exams and applying for all the required licenses and certifications that are needed.

After working in the shop on Sunday 11th March, we left about 4PM for dinner, planning to return on Monday morning to start building some more shelving and get ready for a delivery of fridges and chilled counters that was due on Tuesday. On returning first thing Monday morning we were met with a shop floor that was under a considerable amount of water.

A burst pipe in the kitchen that happened sometime on Sunday night had been pouring water into the shop for quite some time, and much of the floor was ankle deep in cold water. This means that we now know where the stopcock for the building is, which will hopefully not be something we need to use too often in future.

The leak was stopped and repaired, and the rest of the day was spent getting water from inside the shop to the drains outside the shop. Sadly the flooring was ruined, so the shop is currently drying out while we get on with getting the new flooring agreed and a timescale for that.

All in all this was not the week we had planned, and it certainly puts some pressure on hitting our opening schedule. The work continues, the competition to win a hamper is still open, so please enter if you haven’t done already.

Stay tuned to us for updates on the next adventures, hopefully involving a lot less early morning wet feet…