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Tumeric & Ginger Infusion 100g
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Tumeric & Ginger Infusion 100g


This special blend has been formulated with further health giving spices as shown below. I recommend making the latte with a small teaspoon of local honey as the taste of turmeric can be a touch bitter otherwise. The addition of a local honey will help allergy sufferers too – local pollen is a wonderful thing!

Perfect to add into porridge and ice cream too!
**Turmeric** is known to….relieve arthritis, help prevent cancer, can help control diabetes, lower cholesterol, boost immune system, heal wounds, helps weight balance, prevents Alzheimer’s, improves digestion and can help prevent liver disease. 
**Ginger **is traditionally used to treat nausea and morning sickness but also has been known to give muscle pain relief as well as boost the immune system.
**Cardamom** is held in high regard by the Chinese as both an antioxidant and anti inflammatory
**Chilli **also** **has anti inflammatory properties but is also good for weight balance as it stimulates the metabolism 
**Cinnamon** helps balance blood sugar levels
**Black peppercorns **aid the absorption of turmeric